For Municipalities

We seek to maintain active cooperation with municipal authorities of different towns and cities of the country that are interested in promoting the production of heat from renewable resources in their respective regions.

The installation of new biofuel plants and their connection to urban heat networks are beneficial in their potential to contribute to the development of regional economies by:

  • Attracting private green-field investment;
  • Enabling the local biofuel growers and producers to develop;
  • Creating new jobs;
  • Paying taxes to the municipality budget.

Biofuel plants make a significant contribution to the enhancement of the well-being of residents:

  • Less expensive fuel is used for heating rather than the gas that is so rapidly increasing in price;
  • Efficient production – significantly decreased heat losses;
  • Cleaner environment due to the replacement of the highly-polluting fossil fuel plants;
  • The involvement of a modern entity and its contribution to the improvement of the quality of community life.

You are kindly invited to contact us should you have any queries, or would like to familiarise yourselves with our proposals:

Raimondas Štreimikis, Director at GECO Energy Company, tel. +370 5 2661266,